Sunday, 5 June 2016

Pack Sampler: 2016 Archives

Nothing beats a couple packs of the new stuff from the LCS.
And we're off! 1st card out?
And that's underwhelming as the first card.
But at least there are cartoons on the back.
I like the 1953s. I like the 1979s. It is just the team name looks so different from the 1991 versions on these. The city name being used with the Yankees and Cubs really doesn't seem right.  Best card here for me is probably the Gattis, with a nice looking minor league stadium behind him.
And pack 2 opens up the same way Pack #1 did. A Yankee.
But the contents within were so much better. A Mets card and autograph. And a clean-shaved Bert Blyleven too!
At least the backs on these are still pretty nice.

While I can't see myself building this set, having opted for flagship, at least I pulled a nice autograph from one of my two packs.


  1. That Andy Benes auto is pretty cool. I think he signed TTM for me when I was a kid. I should pick up one of his Archives autos this year.

  2. It amuses me that the trivia question on the back of A-Rod's card is already out of date. Also, any pack that lands an auto is a winner in my book!

  3. I really like what I've seen from Archives thus far. Haven't found any yet, but seeing all these blog reviews is making me antsy! I do think it's completely asinine for the '91s to have the city and team name. It looks junky and cluttered. Totally unnecessary and further proof that Topps just doesn't care about small details. Also, I see they have not figured out how to center the player name on the '89s. Again, small details, but enough to fire me up!

  4. Nice pull getting that auto!

  5. Congratulations on pulling an auto. The Fan Favorites autographs are the reason Archives is my favorite product each year.