Friday, 3 June 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 21.4 - A New (to me) Repack at Wally World

The home stretch beckons! With these three packs from 2006.
I'm leading with Ultra, since that was probably the least interesting of this three pack. Full-bleed photos, but a lot of them look the same with the generic skating shots. If you saw this group back in 2006, and knew that 2 of them were still playing in 15-16, some would likely pick Ribiero, but how many would have picked Jagr?
A nice pack for me from Beehive. Two Sens cards (although the Alfie is a dupe in his collection, it wasn't for my Sens collection) and one of those 1:8 rookie that the pack advertised. And Stafford is still active. Bonus!
And here's the flagship wrap up to the 2006 portion. The vertical cards are pretty bland, but the horizontal ones are pretty nice. I considered looking up the 2005-06 season to see if Andrew Brunette scored a goal against the Stars, and he did. He scored one during the regular season, and 3 during the playoffs. I'll assume that was one of them. Bryzgalov shows that you don't need a great action shot for a memorable card as well. And the third Sens card makes this the best portion of this repack break, at least for my Sens binder.

3 packs left, including 2002 Archives, and the relics to end this tomorrow.

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