Monday, 6 June 2016

Mail Bag Catch-Up: This Way to the Clubhouse

Time to spend the rest of the week catching up with the envelopes. 3 trade envelopes (2 of the #supertrader variety) and 2 of the sportlots variety. I'll open with the non-ST envelope from Mark @ This Way to the Clubhouse, who I passed on my Mets and Bills ST dupes.

Since I get Mets and Bills from those envelopes, this one was jam packed with Blue Jays.
And a lot of the 2 PWEs were parallels. I really like the Lee Gronkiewicz card, since he had one of the briefest possible tenures in Toronto. 1 game. 4 innings. And that's it. That's all for his MLB experience as well. But that's still 1 game and 4 more innings than yours truly. And a throwback uniform in another photo as well.
Mini! Of legendary Base Ball Batter Paul Molitor.
Black parallels. I'm torn between liking these US Walmart only additions to my collection, and not liking that they continue to show off my filthy scanner.
More parallels, with these two very Canadian cards. I really can't get enough of cards with the Canada Day jerseys, especially when they combine with the red border variations. Josh Thole also got one in 2013 Update. Since Thole is Dickey's personal catcher, and he started the 7/1/2013 game, (and Aaron Loup closed it, and he's pictured alongside Thole and his card), there's two cards from the same game in two sets.

That was too long a sentence for my liking.
And more parallels, albeit not all shiny.

I'm well aware the Kawasaki isn't a Toronto card but it is still binder bound. My binder. My rules.

Envelope #2 tomorrow!

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  1. Great assortment from Mark. Those green 2014 topps flagship parallels aren't the easiest to find cheap.