Saturday, 4 June 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 21.5 - A New (to me) Repack at Wally World

Time to bring it home.
These are the packs that wrap up this repack, along with the hits.
Just a base pack to start this up. The Gaborik is a 2/14 dupe, so not really much of note here.
But at least this pack had one of those always welcome 1979 throwback parallels.

And since I was more excited about the Archives pack, I'm posting the hits before that pack.
Hey! A hit for the mask binder! And an interesting pairing of hits. Not only are both of these from 2006 releases (Showcase and Flagship), but both of these have players pictured as Edmonton Oilers, but neither one is listed as playing with those teams. Conklin is preparing for his 11 game stint in Columbus, And Sergei is ready for his one season in Montreal. I'd forgotten about both these stints for Samsonov.

But at least I'd heard of both these guys before pulling their relics.
And here's Archives. The nice thing here is that since this base set was little more than reprints of player's rookie cards, you get a nice variety of designs, and a nice mix of players on teams one usually doesn't associate them with (Middleton on the Rangers). Only one duplicate set among the 8 cards makes for a unique break.
And the reprinted backs stay the same as well. I could have scanned all 8, but since Mavovlich didn't have any cartoons on the back, it was the odd card out.

And there you have another repack in the rear view mirror.  While the packs really didn't offer much chance of a mega rare hit, I felt that some of the packs offered a chance at more interesting content, especially the Archives and Collector's Choice.

With that out of the way, mailbag, new packs and group break postings await.


  1. Whenever I pull a relic card from a repack it's always Sergei Samsonov.

  2. That's all that are in those. My friend has bought them for years and had about 30 Samsonovs. There are no other relics.