Saturday, 11 June 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 22 - A Pair of Surprises

Back to the Dollarama for a pair of Surprise bags.
Two items I haven't seen before in these at the top.
Despite promising 70s and 80s on the label, the cards within were all 80s. But one of them is an airbrushing special worthy of the time as Buffalo became Calgary. So there's that flashback aspect.
Not just 1, but 2 1000 point-getters have cards in this. Smith and Gartner both reached that plateau. Also, 15-16 cards start to make their appearances in these sets, with what was only the second best Brett Burns card of the season.
And more 15-16 base in the 2010s pack. David Booth does have an interesting photo, though.
And the Canadian team was the Canucks. Killer mullet, Dan.

So, not the best opening pack. Fortunately, the second one was much better.
Two items the same, two different.
The 70s/80s pack was 70s-less again. But at least I got closer to the 70s with a (thankfully scratch-off-less OPC) 1980 issue. Minnesota had two games in Washington in 79-80, one in '79, and one in '80, so maybe that photo was snapped in 1979.
My 1000 point card is Brian Bellows (Bathgate had 973), a Kitchener Rangers alum. I'm sure I already have that card in the album, though. The best card here is easily the Jeff Lazaro. Since he didn't get any official cards where he was pictured as a Senator, this will have to suffice as his only entry in my "one card of every Senator who got one" collection.
And the 8 card pack of miscellany wasn't too bad either. There's a new MacInnis for my Rangers collection, and it has an interesting photo as well. And a stylish coach card. That's pretty good for one of these.
And the Victory pack. Hee-hee! Grant Clitsome!
Thanks for the pronunciation guide, UD! Although my inner 12 year old already figured it out.

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  1. I still remember where I was when Gartner netted his 500th. I guess I gotta add a copy of that card to my want list!