Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mail Bag Catch-Up: Night Owl

From the smallest envelope to the largest.
From the "I had no idea set existed" files was this one. That's always a fun way to start recapping the envelope.
And that lead into a small number of Mets in the envelope. 1993 Leaf, as usual, will win it.

But it was the Bills that won the package. Among the 75 Bills cards or so in the bubbler were only 2 dupes. I like that ratio!
And of course, it ends up that the first card in the upper left is Scott Norwood. Because that's so appropriate for showing a bunch of Bills cards. But at least this included some special teams cards.
Why is this photo of Andre Reed on the back of the card and not the front? And now, a whole pile of Bills cards.
Yeah. That's quite a variety of Bills cards.

Thanks for all these! I've got a few cards set aside for a return envelope, and a few COMC inventory cards as well that I will hit ship on before the month is out.


  1. I like the '79 Comics set so much I'm thrilled when I can send one out.

  2. I too am a huge fan of the 1979 Topps Comics set. They're so colorful!

  3. I thought that Craig Swan comic card was of Tom Selleck at first glance. I've never seen the comics set before. They're pretty neat!