Saturday, 18 June 2016

Mail Bag: Nolan's Dugout: 1 of 2

Nolan's Dugout posted a want list that included a bunch of early 90s hockey. Since that is really the poster child for repack content, I hunted my way through boxes and knocked some off that list. And in return, a lot dropped off my wantlists.

If you'll recall my $15 for a 32 count box post, they had two almost complete sets of Series 1 UD from the 2000s, but were missing the Colorado Rockies cards. This mailing got a rid of a good number of those.
Only one 2009 card.
But 2006 was much more successful.
The only place I have my 2012 Bowman wantlist is on my zistle page, but that list dropped down to 2 cards, as I'm now only a Yu and Kershaw away from the main set.

My team collections all got a nudge up as well.
And Mets!

And there's still more to come in tomorrow's post.

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