Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Mail Bag Catch-Up: Cards on Cards

Back to the mail bag after a brief hiatus. a package from Kerry @ Cards on Cards.
I don't think I saw any Topps Chrome on the shelves on this side of the border, except for at the LCS. Since I think these were retail parallels, I had no chance at coming across them here. So, this is my first sepia parallel. These were numbered parallels in the past, so at least it was easier for some people to come across these.
From a chrome parallel to a Panini sticker. Because why not?
And here's a bunch more new Mets for the collection. Spring Fever, much like the sepias, is something I've not seen on this side of the border. So it is a welcome addition to my Wright binder.
Not just Mets in the package, but a few Blue Jays as well. More Spring Fever, along with yet another set I've yet to see on this side of the border, the Marketside Pizza cards. Not much variety in terms of players, but throwing in a gold parallel and short print is always nice.
And since I'm not only a Supertrader, I'm also a member of the guilt-free basketball card club, here's a Raptors card!

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  1. Red Hot foil of EY Jr. is the underrated piece of the trade!