Monday 8 July 2024

Welcome, Brooks Lee

I check the various *-reference sites way too frequently when the seasons are on, just to see if some new 2.14 player has made their debut. Turns out there was a newcomer over the past few days, with Brooks Lee making his way to the Twins line-up, picking up a pair of hits in his debut game, and getting his first home run on the 6th. 

Best of all, I already had a card of his! I pulled this one from a box of Chronicles late last year, and had it grouped with the rest of the cards from that box - oblivious to the fact he was a 2/14 baby. No vital stats on the back, so I can defend missing it.

But not anymore! 

Although I did quickly did remedy the lack of a card of him on the Wichita Wind Surge.

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