Wednesday 3 March 2021

Some Sensational Additions!

 And now, the Ottawa Senators portion of the latest COMC mailer. 

First up is one of those "cheap because of e-packs" cards. This is a Mandlebrot Fractal parallel, and really gives the vibe of a Diamond Kings card from the 80s, at least with the background. 
Naturally, there's going to be some Alfie content in there. One card, one sticker.

Egor Sokolov was a second round pick who has just started seeing ice time with the Belleville Sens this season. Even if he doesn't reach the bigs, at least I've got a Cape Breton Screaming Eagles in my Ottawa binder.
Another minor league card. Although Lessard did reach the NHL, he didn't get any cards representing his time in Ottawa. So, a minor league card with Binghamton will have to do. Nice design as well!

Start with some Credentials, end up with some Credentials. I only did two e-packs of the product, but did really well with them. One landed me a /25 Dylan Larkin auto that I recently sent to Ann Arbor, and the other landed me this. It's the second on-card autograph of Abramov that I've picked up, joining a Seismic Gold from Platinum. Abramov knocked Daniel Alfredsson out of alphabetic first place in my team collection, and at least he's doing so with some nice-looking cards.

There you have it!

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  1. I have one or two of those Mandelbrot's in my inventory, very curious to see how they look in hand!