Thursday 18 March 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 10.3 - More Baseball from the Source


Off to the other side of the repack and the first half of that 50. Super loud to start, as Machado's orange jersey almost seems quiet against the garish background of Topps Fire.

The next 8 were pretty solid. Some history with the Renteria, the dusty Munson flashback out of last year's Heritage, a Mets card, and a Jays card. The Blue Jays DK representative was always a chase card for me, so that's a pretty nice little flashback pulling it from a repack. I'm guessing that Sanchez was also a chase card for some Heritage breakers last year.
Not quite as amazing here, but there's still a Jays and Mets card in the mix. They are both likely new to the team collection as well. BONUS!
All three groups contained a Mets card this time, even though this and the Carreon were dupes. Hesketh was also an Expos dupe, but at least the Ryan Dempster is a new card for the CanCon collection. That's probably my first Fleer Genuine baseball card, and he final card is an amazingly late 90s design. 

A very consistent grouping in terms of interesting cards.


  1. Machado's good.

    Gruber wins his group, Coleman wins his group, Dozier wins his group.

    Dozier wins the round. I didn't even know he played baseball. Remember him mostly as a RB for Penn State when they won the national title.

  2. The SPX and the Flair next to each other are a bit special.