Thursday 4 March 2021


 When I pulled an Artifacts of Liam Foudy, Nathan from  The Bucs Stop Here dropped me a note looking to have it sent stateside. A deal was worked out, and here's some Raptors that were sent my way in return. 

Now that he's finally making regular appearances in sets, I'm happy to have a lot of opportunities to add more cards of his into my Raptors collection. Optic was one of the sets where his base cards started showing up last season, and this slightly-loud parallel is a Blue Velocity.
Every one of these posts seems to have a card that falls under the heading "I was certain I already had this card, but didn't". Here's the one for this post.
A shiny Crusade of one the Raptors' popular players  that wasn't really a superstar, but was still popular for his effort. I'd probably throw a guy like Jerome Williams in that category as well. 

Here's a complete base set from 2008 Topps. 
And let's throw in one more of the one-time Globetrotter turned Raptor. You can't really tell this by looking at the scans, but this has gold foil on the name. It might not be a super necessary parallel, like many of them, but it is always nice to add anything new in the pockets of the Raptors binder.

There you have it!


  1. Doesn't matter what year it is, Crusade always looks awesome

  2. Jerome Williams was my kind of player!