Friday 5 June 2020

Bowman Sampler

With the prices for the hobby version of this somewhere north of 'nucking futs', I'll content myself to a single hanger pack picked up at Wally World.
Even if the first card out of the pack is a nice add to My Cancon collection.
The card backs? Exactly what you expect from a Bowman release.
The veteran portion of the pack gives me my first Mets Bowman card of the year.
And here's your base prospects. The photoshop job on the Padres cards looks particularly questionable this year, along with the shrinking font on Jo Adell's jersey.
Your Chrome prospects give me another Mets card, as well as an idea of where I need to clean my scanner bed. (Right beneath Jhon Diaz)
The Top 100 inserts seem extra shiny this year.
As does an international themed insert like this Spanning the Globe. I had to look up the actual title of this insert set to make sure it wasn't something like Fanning Close.

And that's probably the extent of my Bowman busting for the year.


  1. No Jasson--reseal it with some '91 Topps inside and return it

  2. That is a shiiiiiiiiiiny insert