Thursday 11 June 2020

2020 Adventures in Repacks: Part 24.2 - Football From The Source

My order of 2020 Score seems stuck in UPS hell, so I'm returning to the repack order. These cards are part of a 100-card hanger pack, where the cards are in 2 groups of 50. I'm breaking these up even more, with each of the next posts in this series being about 25 cards each.
2012 Strata - Morris Clairborne - 3 of the 4 visible cards were rookies. Morris was still in the NFL as of last season, where he picked up a Super Bowl ring with the Chiefs.
2014 Topps - Troy Niklas
2014 UD Conference Greats - Wendell Davis - A nice design that uses the team colours well.
2016 Donruss - Ted Ginn Jr.
2014 Rookies & Stars - Xavier Su' A-Filo
1991 Platinum - Chip Lohmiller - Kicker card!
1995 Classic - Drew Bledsoe - WOO-HOO! Back-to-back posts with Drew Bledsoe additions to the 2/14 binder!
1991 UD - Marcus Allen - And a hologram as well!
1991 UD - Tony Mandarich
1991 Platinum - Don Mosebar
1995 Ultra - Michael Timpson
2000 MVP - Bubba Franks - Like I'm going to pass on scanning a card of a guy named Bubba.
2011 UD U of Texas - Don Talbert
2011 UD U of Texas - Britt Hager
2006 UD Legends - Stanley Morgan
2007 Score - Jimmy Smith
2006 Score - D'Brickashaw Ferguson - WOO-HOO! A rookie card of the guy whose name inspired the East-West Bowl sketches!
2014 Topps - Justin Hunter - The best photo in this portion.
2000 Focus - Torrance Small
2009 Platinum - Marques Colston
2004 UD - Charles Rogers
1989 Pro Set - Tony Woods - Defensive players with the ball really seems like the football version of 'pitcher at the plate'. He recovered one fumble in 1988 - I guess this was it.
1993 Stad. Club - Jarrod Bunch
1991 UD - Harry Hamilton
1991 Platinum - Barry Sanders - The photo on the back is the other contender for the best photo in this portion. If it was the front of the card, it probably would have gotten the nod.
1991 Score - Nick Lowery - Ending with a kicker.

A very respectable start to this with a surprising number of keepers. I'll get to the next half of the half next post.


  1. I always enjoyed pulling holograms out of the 1991 Upper Deck football, basketball, and hockey packs.