Saturday 1 June 2019

2017-18 Cornerstones Box Break

I'd actually had these for a bit before posting the results. I will just blame it on the fact there was a redemption in the box and I wanted to wait for its fulfillment.
Here's your base card. At least they mixed some colour into the white.
And a base parallel, technically a quartz parallel.
Here's the final non-hit insert of the box. Startups might not be the most accurate description for Kennard, as according to his stats on wikipedia, he's only started 19 games over 2 years. Drafted right after him? Donovan Mitchell. Ouch.
The stony motif continues as you move into the hits, adding a classy touch to a bland plain white swatch.
Waltah! Much like with the Jerome Williams autograph I posted earlier this week, McCarty wasn't really a superstar during his time with the Celtics, but he was one of those 'fan favourite' types that I always love seeing make appearances in modern sets.
And the Celtics love continued with the redemption. I really feel like I've been a magnet for Semi autographs.
And while he's seen less action coming out of the 2017 draft than Kennard, he's acquired some pretty great nicknames so far in his career. The Man Made of Granite? Muscles Jesus? Those are better than mere statistics.

And there you have it! While I certainly didn't get my money back with these hits, there were still some nice enough things to make it at least a fun break.

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