Saturday, 1 October 2016

In which I wimp out

Considering I still had about 150 cards left to go, and that I still needed to pull some of the big rookies in the base set (Goff, Prescott, Elliott), I figured that this will be the better option.

At least I did pull that autograph of DMC from one of my packs. And that I now have plenty of base cards to send to some team collectors. I got this as part of a $250 Blowout giftcard/COMC cash out, so this should show up in about a week and a half with my pre-ordered box of 2015-16 Hoops.

And some other goodies. I haven't hit Blowout for a wax fix since March (and that landed autos of Larry Bird, Kyle Lowry, Gio Bernard, Paul Molitor and a suddenly-hot (at least in terms of buy it now) Spencer Ware), so I'll be waiting to dig in.


  1. I thought about building this set... but at the last second I bailed. I just have the rated rookies of my two newbies, Elliot and Prescott to tide me over.
    If you have an extra Romo or Witten, keep me in mind.
    I've got a few base you might need if you have a list... let me know.

  2. Good luck! I have become real weary of buying factory sets because more than half the time I wind up missing cards anyway.

  3. I normally wouldn't be interested in this set... but with Rodgers being featured, I might have to track down a set for my collection (if the price is right).