Monday, 31 October 2016

A COMC Blaster - Part 3 - The Final Cards

Time to wrap up this COMC shipment with the baseball and hockey content of the non 2/14 variety.
 Matthew Yeats' mask had earned him a place on my 10 Most Wanted list. IT seems appropriate to lead with this on Halloween. An evil-looking clown playing cards. Sure thing. No idea what he was working on with the Yahtzee reference, though.
Throwback mask colours to match the uniforms! I'm impressed! Also, this McDonald's card might be part of a set with the most die-cut holes per card.
I thought I'd finished with the autos in this mailer with yesterday's Bennett. So much for that, as this is on its way to my Kitchener Rangers collection. Appropriately, he is listed as with the New York Rangers on this card, for whom he spent part of the 95-96 season.
Due to the fact that Upper Deck's e-packs can easily be transferred to COMC, these canvas cards are ridiculously cheap there. This one, complete with the signs and the sheepish grin, reminded me so much of this 90's Pinnacle card, that I had to add it.
Did I really need to add these rookie stars to my birth-year Mets collection, despite only being 1/4 of the card?

Throwback uniform. Warren Morris rocks the Homestead Grays here, and in something that has been typical with COMC purchases, the gold medallion parallel is cheaper than the base card.
Yes. Even games that never even happened got cards in the 2008 Documentary set. I would have gone for a dugout photo myself.
And there's more information about this non-existent final game that still warranted a card.

And that's the final card in this COMC blaster. What do you think, sirs?

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  1. Very nice! I think that cancelled game hurricane card might be my favorite of that bunch. So random.