Tuesday, 25 October 2016

2016 Topps Update Jumbo Box Break - Packs 9 to 10

Time to bring this box to a close.

Pack #9:

This was yet another pack where the were no dupes. The collation was strange, but at least I got a complete set from it.
More All-Star cards of people who didn't get into the actual game highlight this one.
There were a trio of cards, all horizontal, where the photo worked perfectly with the card design.
Jays content!
Mets content!
Insert content. Jeremy Hellickson is the eye-straining gold card.
And here's my autograph. It's one I didn't have before so that's a good thing. Although I don't want to try and parse that signature.

Pack #10:
A few needs left in this pack. This here is the last new Mets card for the set.
And the last inserts. Miguel Cabrera is on the gold card.

There's the box. A quiet ending, but at least I've got a pile of new base to fatten up the next packages I send out, along with the complete set. That Aaron stamp was pretty nice too.

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