Saturday, 28 February 2015

Another envelope from Bob Walk The Plank

Nothing like it. Just a small envelope with a few cards - but still appreciated. Especially since another small envelope is on its way to WV as I type.
Let's start off with someone I'm really happy to welcome to my hit collection with this Jimmy Key. As best as my searching could tell me, there is not a lot of Jimmy Key hits out there. And the ones there are have him on the Yankees. There are buyback autos on Toronto, but nothing when it came to relics. For all I know, this could still be a Yankees jersey, but for the lack of a pinstripe, I'll accept it as Toronto.
This one was a puzzler for me. Which hit binder should this go in? Jays or Mets? This was simple math. Halladay > Wagner.

And this was even easier. All three are Mets swatches. And if you look closely, there's two colours on the Wright. That's a patch! Not only is this swatch my first Mets patch, as best as I can tell, but it is also by first swatch with any orange on it.

Thanks for this beautiful addition to my Mets collection, Matt, and I hope you like the envelope heading your way!


  1. Awesome jimmy key. He was from nearby huntsville

  2. Glad you enjoyed the cards. Already working on the next package!