Saturday 7 February 2015

Finally! S1!

WOO-HOO! Packs of S1 at the LCS. I'm still not sure if I'm going to build the set this year, or wait for Archives and its salute of some of my favourite designs. Either way, time to dig in to 1 Jumbo pack of S1. And a really good pull that might be on ebay by the end of the weekend.

And my first card of 2015 is:

Gio Gonzalez - Not exactly who I wanted to see, but still, it is the first card of the year. The red really gives the vibe that if the 1990 Donruss and Topps sets mated, this might be the result.
David Wright - Much better, but considering I'll have a lot of Mets cards on the way via the Nachos Grande break, not as nice as it was. Especially considering one of the Wrights.
Daniel Nava
Daniel Murphy - Met #2
Nick Tepesch
Tommy La Stella
Miguel Cabrera
Adrian Gonzlez
Julio Teheran
C.J. Cron
Vidal Nuno
Carlos Gomez - My favourite photo so far. But there's a long way to go.
Kershaw, Cueto, Wainwright LL
Gonzalez, Stanton, Upton LL
Angels Team
Miguel Montero
Brandon Belt - Another contender for favourite photo in the pack.
Nationals Team
Adrian Beltre - And another. Like the Belt, this is a checklist card.
Athletics Team
Trevor Bauer
Sean Doolittle
Lance Lynn
Rex Brothers - So far, I think Colorado might have my favourite look of these base cards.
Mike Folynewicz
Anibal Sanchez - The end of the first batch of base cards seems like a logical time to show the backs.
Gerardo Parra Gold 653/2015
Ted Williams - Archetypes
Mike Trout - Sparkle Variant - I knew something was up when this base looking card came up in the middle of the insert portion of the set. It wasn't shiny, so I assumed it was a photo variation. Then I looked it up and there weren't photo variant of the Trout. And then cardboard connection provided the answer. They also seem to think these are a really tough pull, at one every other case. And Trout might be the one you really want, considering what they're up on ebay for. Although I'll be happy to get 1/3 of that.
Albert Pujols - 40 Years of Free Agents
Nixon Kennedy Debate - History
Cal Ripken Jr/Manny Machado - Inspired Play - Nice looking card to end the inserts. I was really hoping for an Andre Dawson/Bryce Harper combo in this.
Jeremy Guthrie
Jedd Gyorko - Turning two, but in a very relaxed manner.
Bryan Mitchell
Jason Vargas
Evan Gattis - Future Star for someone with 213 games?
Bryce Harper
Carl Crawford
Madison Bumgarner
Juan Lagares - Another Future Star. Even more games played than Gattis.
Aroldis Chapman
John Jaso
David Murphy
Jonathan Papelbon
Hyun-Jin Ryu
Charlie Blackmon
Cory Spangenberg - A filthy uniform and Gwynn's memorial patch. Nice.
Alex Presley - The last base card.
Miguel Cabrera Highlight - And the last card.

No hit here, but that Trout Sparkle might be better than one.


  1. Good stuff, the Trout is nice though I'd put it on eBay since the sparkle variants don't do anything for me personally.

  2. Sure gotta strain your eyes for that twink.

  3. They are very nice baseball cards, nice looking inserts as well.