Thursday, 12 February 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 6 - Liquidation!

There are 3 Targets in the area. The card aisle has already been pretty picked clear by me already, with the natural focus being on all sorts of repacks. As of now, I have 11 Fairfield repacks, covering football, basketball and baseball, sitting around for when that temptation strikes. As well as another hobby box of Rookie Anthology. That should keep me going for a bit.

Why not bust one and make it an even 10?

Up first - one with 4 packs and an auto. And the 4 packs...

2013 Gypsy Queen
2014 Heritage
2014 Series 2
2014 Update

Going through them chronologically, I won't hit all the cards, but will post the highlights.
Nothing but base cards and the mini parallel in the GQ pack. I'm sure both of these photos have made appearances on Topps products before, but I still liked these two cards of retired players. The spring training-ness of the Marichal and the Wrigley bricks elevate these two.
Just base cards in the Heritage, but still two nice additions with a Mets card, and Roy's Heritage farewell card, Nice photo for that as well.
S2 produced the first true insert card of the repack box with the Kolten Wong. There's also a pair of Mets, an average photoshopping with the Fielder, and a really great photo on the Cabrera.

And then a pack I was surprised to find in a repacked product so soon after the release - '14 Update.
While I didn't get any cards I needed for my set, I did get a chance to take a closer look at some of the pulls, noting that patch on the jersey. That arrow is messing up any attempt to google my way to what it was supposed to identify.
It is a Carlos Gomez hot pack! Looks like he's admiring a home run during the derby on the first one. And Carlos wasn't the only person to make two appearances in the pack...
A re-used photo.

On two cards in the same pack.

Ugh. Just ugh.

At least they're cropped differently. But is it really that hard to find more than a couple photos of Gregory Polanco? Enough complaining. Time for the auto.
Well it isn't a big name, I'm surprised to pull a hit from a mid-range set like Inception in a repack product. Not the most flattering photo, but I guess that can't be avoided when you use an action shot of a pitcher. At least it is an on-card autograph.


  1. Topps reused a lot of the same ones for Polanco. Stadium club was the only real unique one.

    1. Even the Stadium Club photo got recycled as the SP base card in Update. You'd think the guy played enough games that they can find more than 4 photos of him...

  2. The patch on Punto's jersey is for 'Stand Up 2 Cancer'. That's a better autograph than I've ever pulled out of one of those repacks!

  3. Not a bad break, all things considered. When I saw 1 guaranteed auto, I was expecting a junk Tristar auto or something along those lines. Kind of a bummer about Target Canada though.

  4. I will miss buying Target repacks, the best pull I ever made came from a 10 packs for $14.99 repack - a 2013 Archives autographed Nolan Ryan numbered 3/5.