Monday, 23 February 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 80: Pick 6!

While I am still awaiting 2 packages with more than 100 cards, I can still work my way through the 100 remaining cards that I have yet to post. As before, I just fired up to pick 6 numbers between 1 and 100, and will post those cards. Sometimes I do this in the order I pull them in the box, but I feel like going chronologically today.

Here we go!
And we start with vintage, with a trip back to 1959! This seems like an odd one for me at first, since despite being a cool older card, it on the surface really doesn't fit into any of my collections. But, you turn it over:
And then it becomes clear why an Airedale person such as myself would want this card. Whether Airedale is a complimentary nickname is up for debate. I really wouldn't want to be nicknamed after their perpetual puppy-like personality.
And now we jump into the 90s, with a card that definitely offers a new perspective on the concept of a player being behind the camera. It is also a card that might interest GCRL and his patch collection, with the CES patch, as best as Google can tell me, is for Texas League President Carl Sawatski.
Hey! A new 2/14 card! This is my 9th Callix Crabbe, with the album total being now at 942.
An autograph is up next. It is big. It is legible. It is on card. And it is of a guy named Bake. The question is not why I got this card, but why it took me until 2014 to add this 2012 beauty to my collection of autos. And it is a 1975 card being saluted in this reprint as well., Perfection!
This is technically not a COMC Challenge card, but a Black Friday shopping spree card. An autograph of Winnipeg's second finest export into the wrestling world. And despite not being in TNA anymore, she's still kicking ass in CMLL.
And finally, the sixth card in an addition to my Rangers alumni collection. While it is not even close to a beautiful /36 logo patch from Prime I picked up of his, it is still an interesting photograph. I'm not sure which portion of the game it is from. The light show makes it seem like it is from the intros, but he's exiting the ice without his stick. Post-game 3 star perhaps?

6 down. 94 more to go.


  1. When I first glanced at it I thought he was going into the penalty box, but I think you are right with the 3 star assumption.

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with my COMC shipments. It's great to finally get months worth of buying in hand, but it also means I have an instantly 100 card + backlog of cards to scan, enter, and sort.

    The edges on that Drysdale look really sharp, especially considering its age. Nice pickups.

  3. All great cards, but that Drysdale...WOW!!!