Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Best Cards in Life are Free

I decided to wait until Saturday to hit the LCS for my second pack of Jumbo S1, since Saturday was National Hockey Card Day, and some free packs awaited.

Last year, this meant two packs.

Both of which were collated identically. Will the same fate await this year?
Here's the checklist of the cards in the small set. No Johnny Hockey?
The Toews was actually a card shop give away. I'm not sure if they can be picked up through packs or not - at least I didn't get one in either of mine.
Speaking of the packs, here's the first one. 16 cards in a set means that the packs will be loaded with goodies.  A great rookie, big names, classic Nordiques blue, but those all take the back seat to that Terry Sawchuk. He's definitely someone I would not expect to find in such a limited release. But, given the current crop of Leafs...
Hey! The packs weren't identical! I automatically like this better than last years, even if I didn't pull the only Sens card in the set.


  1. Nice set. I'm kind of surprised there is no John Tavares in the set.

  2. I think UD made an error. In their preview on Facebook, they showed a Johnny G. card for both the Canadian and American sets. On the checklist card, it shows #7 as Corban Knight. However, Knight nor Gaudreau were in the final set... the actual #7 is Sam Reinhart, and the 5 rookies are Ekblad, Reinhart, Drouin, Lazar and Horvat. BTW, I sent an email regarding the Sam Reinhart.