Wednesday 16 September 2020

2020 Adventures in Repacks: Part 36 - You Can't Judge With Only One

 I sampled one of these a few weeks back. 
They were OK, but I felt I should give them another chance. I just grabbed the first two from the hangers. It just so happened both had a Senators alum the visible card.
Dzingel left Ottawa for Columbus as a rent-a-player, and then signed with the 'Canes. That brought all-star Anthony Duclair and a couple 2nd rounders to Ottawa in a pretty good trade for the Sens. The gold medallion parallel is out of 07-08 Ultra, and the Howard is a double diamond SP.  OK.
The black parallels were the second most common parallel out of Parkhurst in 2016. But the real interesting cards were in the middle. That's the second of the ITG McDavids I've pulled from three of these, confirming my theory they've migrated from Walmart repacks to Dollarama ones. That Stat Leaders card of Alfie? That's a new one for his PC, and becomes my 497th card of his. I'm awaiting a Sportlots box order, and that will push me over the 500 mark shortly.

There you have it!

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