Thursday 10 September 2020

2020 Adventures in Repacks: Part 33.2 - A Hundred Hockey Hanger

2013 Score Gold - James Neal - Let's open this portion up with a parallel.
2012 GTS - John Tavares - These GTS/Universal cards seem to be the precursor to Overtime cards.
1993 Classic - Jon Hillebrandt
2009 H&P - Brandon Maxwell - Rangers alum!
1992 Classic - Cale Hulse
2009 1972 TYIH - Marcel Dionne - Gotta scan one of these!
2006 ITG - Megan Agosta - Some content from the distaff side.
2004 Franchises - Dennis Hull - He's probably the least well-known of the hockey Hulls, but was still a very solid player.
2003 Parkhurst - Walt Tkaczuk - Another Rangers alum.
2000 ITG - Krzysztof Oliwa - That's one way of showing that a player will represent an expansion team in the 2000 season. Maybe a little smaller logo on the back would be less...loud?
2009 Franchises - Jesse Blacker
2002 ITG - Mikael Tellqvist - If this emerald parallel had a serial number, it would be /10. It doesn't.

2004 Franchises - Larry Murphy - This repack had a good selection of Franchises, Going for the Gold and 1972 TYIH cards. I approve.
1990 Score - Ed Olczyk
1991 Score - Randy Carlyle
1990 Pro Set - Zarley Zalapski
1991 Score - Gord Murphy
1993 Ultra - Kevin Dineen
1993 Leaf - Terry Yake - Gotta scan the back of one of these!
1992 UD - Trevor/Jamie Linden
1994 Score - Wendel Clark
1991 7IS - Craig Fraser
1993 Premier - Steve Larmer - A strange photo choice, since if you didn't know Larmer's jersey number, he could be either Hawk in the picture.
1991 UD - Brian McReynolds
1992 Stad. Club - Gerald Diduck - And that's that. 

A nice half to start off. Even the junk wax era stuff came through yesterday with a Gretzky and a new 2/14 card. And lots of Franchises/TYIH as well! Fun!


  1. Love the Tellqvist - and getting those non-SN SN cards in general.

  2. That crowd scene on the Larmer card is very confusing.

  3. That Yake is interesting. Looks like a beach shot... which is an interesting background choice for a hockey player. Reminds me of the Bure cards from the early 90's when they were roller blading.