Friday 22 December 2023

2022-23 Metal Universe Box Break #2

Time to keep on set building! 

What goodies will be in the second box?

Here's a sample of the base cards, with 1 from the regular base set, 1 from the stars and 1 from the rookies. That's my first card of Kitchener Rangers alum Arber Xhekaj. So - WOO-HOO, even if it can't go into the binder since it is part of the set build.

As for the rest, I did knock out the complete 1-100 portion. I'll wait to add the rest to the wantlist until after it drops on e-pack and I see what's available cheaply through COMC.
But since I'm not building the insert sets, this one can go straight into that binder. 
Here's a one-each sampling of the other inserts that showed up in my previous box. No dupes among these, at least.
But I will show off both the Aspects card, featuring a look at the lovely scenery of Dallas and Minnesota to go along with the player. Not quite 1993 Leaf, but close enough.
Just a generic head-shot insert set. At least for one called All-Starring, they look to be using an All-Star jersey, based on the visible patch. That's almost enough to make me like it more after just one card when compared to Portraits in flagship.

Here's Jarring, which is reminiscent of the Check-It insert Score used to salute hard hitting players. If only the photo actually showed a body check instead of just a generic on ice struggle. 
Palladium was the acetate card in the box. As when 'Palladium' showed up in the all-autographed set of Clear Cut, I want Senators stuff from this, since that was their original arena name.
Cache is your generic shiny insert. I'd say 'meh' to it, but...
it also provided the big card of the box. Although this isn't as bright as the base version, this is actually a Platinum Blue parallel, being numbered out of 15. If you recall my other box, the big card there was also a low-numbered Shesterkin, that one being out of 100 (but really out of 10). Both cards were also the stamped as the first one, making both EBAY1of1L0000K~ cards as well.

There are definitely worst players to be a magnet for.

And the base card portion that definitely won't be on COMC e-pack is completed.

There you have it!