Thursday 28 December 2023

Strangeness via Michigan

Time to start recapping the latest TMV/TMM/Dennis envelope. And I am starting with a pair of really, really oddball sets.

Leading the way is a set that came in its very own box. Arena Draft Tuxedo. And it is the Premiere (Only) Edition.

Neither set shown today was anything close to licensed, so don't expect any NHL uniforms on these.
But they do have team colours for use on the player's last name and position. That counts for something, even if Forsberg would have to wait until after the lost season to actually don the orange of the Flyers. As HOFers, these two probably were the best players in the sets (they're featured in both). I do appreciate the snow job as well, as it hides some of the peeling on the cards.
Outside the HOFers, there were a couple other good names in the base, both of whom had very solid careers.
Naturally, it is one year too early for Sens content. But I did land their current GM. 
And a player that I'd never heard of, only to get really depressed when I looked him up. At least he reached the NHL, but it looks like the cost was pretty heavy in retrospect.
What was in the Ultimate set? A lot of the same names that were in Arena.
But there were a few notable new names. At least they're in hockey gear this time, even if it is branded in the name of a card shop in Vegas.
A Kitchener Rangers alum managed to sneak into this set.
The scrimmage atmosphere should have resulted in some respectable photos, similar to what gets used in some Panini's early-season rookie cards. Somehow, this was the best they could do for Alek Stojanov.
That's still better than seeing "Kerry Toporowski" mounting some anonymous player. I put his name in quotes, since Kerry himself never made the photoshoot. In Ken Reid's Hockey Card Stories 2, he revealed that he never made the photoshoot, but still got $1500 for the deal. He believes it was Brent Bilodeau in the jersey for this photo. 

While the cards themselves aren't worth a lot, goofy stories like that make them priceless!

More from this envelope to come!


  1. I thought it would be fun to throw those in with the rest of your stuff. Sorry about the bricking/peeling on the Arena cards!

  2. That Arena set was kind of popular in my area... because it contained a Pat Falloon card. Can't believe it's been 30 years since Bay Area collectors were hoarding his cards.