Tuesday 12 December 2023

Finally, some Chronicles

Despite busting a hobby box at the Expo, I still haven't show anything off from this year's release. Better late than never!

Here's the 'base' cards from a group break. All 4 of them. I guess with no license, getting banned from baseball isn't keeping Robbie Alomar cards out of the product. I'm probably one of a half dozen people that would like pulling a Pat Gillick card in 2023. 

But at least I did get a really nice autograph out of this break. Even though I wish it was from a more appropriate portion of the set. America's Best seems just a bit odd for a card with Toronto so prominently placed on it. 
I can't leave one of my favourite products behind with just a small number cards - so here's some retail too. The hobby box can wait.
First card out is Whitey Herzog! I think I'm going to enjoy this pack.
And the rest is exactly what  I expected to see from this. Legends and prospects, mixed on a variety of designs. Landing two true base cards in this actually puts this single pack ahead of the hobby box where I only found one.

3 Classics cards means 3 "Did You Know?" facts on the back!
Luminance is always such a great looking release in football, so I look forward to its portion of Chronicles. The full-bleed photos give a Stadium Club look, if Stadium Club had to use photos with the logos removed. It is a little less so with the prospects portion, but even on this one, the batting cage covering the entire back of the photo is pretty unique.
There's only a few foil/chrome cards in it, but 2/3 do hit two of my sweet spots with Blue Jays and CanCon players. I have no idea why Suzuki is somehow in a set that looked to be completely barren of current major leaguers. But there he is, squeezed into the Contenders Optic portion of the set. 

And there you have it!


  1. That is a very cool autograph, even if it's odd to see "America's best" and "Toronto" on the same card.

  2. I've noticed Panini has sneaked a few other current players into their products this year, ones who actually debuted and definitely lost their rookie eligibility in 2022.