Tuesday 26 December 2023

Fun Names

 Just a semi-regular post featuring people with interest (nick)names that I've added to the collection, in autographed card form.

The 'name' guys don't have a binder all their own - I just put them in the regular ones devoted to hits for the various sports. Tacko Fall will instead end up in the penmanship binder with a very legible signature, even if the 'c' could use a slight curl to make his name look less like Taiko. He's since taken his career overseas, but at 7-6, he came one inch short of knocking 2/14er Gheorge Muresan out of the height lead in the NBA.
It might not be on the level of Fall's, but (Pro)vonsha Wells' signature is probably in a upper percentile in terms of quality. I mean, every letter in the name on the card appears in the signature and the last name is pretty recognizable. And since he did play in the USFL for Philadelphia, I guess that does officially make him a 'Pro' as well. 
Even with his NFL career being one game (Still one more than I'll ever play), Sultan McCullough definitely has the most regal name on the list today. Interesting use of sticker space too.
Rock Shoulders. Rock is a perfectly logical abbreviation for Roderick. The write-up on the back of his Bowman card revealed that fans often asked him to autograph their shoulders. Sadly, he didn't autograph his own on his autographed cards. Lousy, stupid specified place for an autograph.
I really need to polish my scanner bed. The mess distracts from the awesomeness of somebody named Arquimedes. He's still doing the minor league thing, and spent 2023 in the Cardinals system. I'll be optimistic I'll be able to add a clearer MLB card of his someday.

There you have it!