Wednesday 19 October 2022


As with my Senators post last week, while there were games last night, the season doesn't really start until your team has played their first game. The Raptors start tonight, and here's some Raptors to show off.

They're all from a group break of Chronicles. While there is variety in the designs, it isn't as true for the players. It is largely a rookie-based set. So, while that does mean a new card of Toronto's own Dalano Banton...
the real attraction is to land a pile of Scottie Barnes cards with various designs. I  like that we also get 3 different uniform designs in this collection as well. All of these are base cards, including the numbered Timeless Treasures versions. And there's another little niceness to go with them...

All of these have different text on the back. It's the little things. I'm not sure when the press run was in relation to the end of the season, but I would have liked it if there were regular season stats on there as well. 
And I did land one numbered parallel. So, while I didn't get an auto, at least I got something close to a hit.

There you have it!

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