Friday 21 October 2022

2022 Score Box Break - Part 1

I probably should have waited to see the cards first before buying this. Then, I certainly would have passed on putting this set together this season. Why?

Why? Because the set this year is just bland. I don't mind the design, but it it is just super boring. The photography the past few season has been enough to warrant going through the break pack-by-pack. Not this year. Here's the first card out. It is crisp, but just boring. At least there weren't cheesy photoshop jobs this time.
The most interesting thing I can say about this is that there was one element that harkened back to some of the earlier Score releases with the border colours changing as the numbering does. Wirfs' border style is used from 1-100, Humphrey's from 101-200, and 201-300 look like Gastineau's.
These were probably the two most interesting photos among the base, both of which were with the legends. Strangely, both of the Oilers cards (Moon was the other) are grouped with the Texans, as opposed to the actual team history with the Titans.
With all the training camp photos, we do get what might be the first appearances of guardian caps on cards. That's interesting, I guess.
And likely the first appearance of a walking boot on a rookie card. Maybe they just should have used a photo from the NCAA for David.

I guess I have to look for collation to make things interesting. I found 2 of the 3 2/14 babies in the set located in a 3 card portion. I did get a Jim Kelly as well, but that will wait until a group break shipment arrives to show off  the Bills content from the set.
And the two bigger QB names so far from this rookie class were collated back-to-back.  I did fairly good for building the set in terms of "Glad I don't need to buy that card" cards, and the only notable rookie I missed was Malik Willis.
Parallels! I  find Vince Young's inclusion on the checklist interesting.
And some of the numbered variety. Walker is a nice get in that low-numbered form, with his performance the past couple weeks. There's one more numbered parallel (they do advertise that there is one-per-pack) but that's of an insert, and I'll be covering those in the next post.

There you have it!


  1. Moon and Campbell played for the Houston Oilers, maybe that is why they re grouped with the Texans. I kind of like the design but I wish there were less Moons and Campbells and more of Today players. About 60 of the 300 base cards are retired players - That is too much. Also there are no Chicago Bears in the base set

  2. I do like the new Score football set. I am not a set builder but I will be pursuing the cards of my team and some of the inserts. What I really like are the rookies in their NFL team uniform. In the past with Score, you had to do some digging to see who some of the rookies were with.