Friday 7 October 2022

PWE Chronicles: Cards on Cards


Off to the mailbag again, and this time, a pair of PWEs that showed  up recently at my place. Lots of fresh Raptors contained within!

Aside from the opening Camby, most of the contents were recent cards of recent players. Here's one that only hits the former, with a Player of the Day appearance from one of this year's releases of someone who was probably a frequent POD 2 decades prior.
The only numbered Raptors card here was one out of  Hoops' Road to the Finals inserts, recapping one season prior to their completion of the road.
I guess if you wipe the background, and use it over two different sets, the chances of  anybody noticing is slim - unless you get then in the same PWE.
3 cards is nice, but Pascal Siakam makes the most appearances over the envelopes. I really like the Mosaic Montage, and how three different jerseys are used on the card. Given how commonly photos are reused, variety on the same card is nice, and it looks like that it is used throughout the release. 
Shiny Van Vleet!

And here's some baseball as well. Just in time for the Wild Card!

Thanks for these goodies, and I'm almost ready to return fire with a bubbler!

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