Wednesday 7 July 2021

The Final Touches

 With the cards now taking months to arrive, the feeling of accomplishment when the last card(s) for a set make their way into your inventory isn't quite what it was. But it still an amazing feeling. Especially with this set, which I'd been planning to put together for a bit.

While a more proper set of this would all have the same serial number for its cards, mine won't. Having assembled it through group randoms, trading, and finally, some COMC purchases. I've put all the cards, including most of the hits, into the box shown in the linked post, and it looks really nice in a perfectly-fitting, non-binder setting. 

For those who aren't into the patriotic items in the first image, here's a couple more set builders, even if neither puts the final touches on either the base set, or the insert set. But at least I still have a chance at finishing one (or both) before 21-22 drops.

There you have it!

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