Friday 16 July 2021

The Rest of the Box


What else was hiding in that box that contained the Namath auto/patch? Let's find out!

Some Bills content! There's a 2019 Topps vibe here with the last name on top of the first. 
Traded players get the photoshop treatment here. 
The cards scan a little lighter than they are in hand. The photos can be pretty nice in this set with the full-bleed look, and here's my favourite in this box.
There's a player (nick)named Whop this year.
While this box didn't land me the top pick, there were a couple afterwards. I like that the Trey Lance photo has him scrambling instead of him throwing since it is something different. And the bright uniform works nicely with the darker design.
The other Bills content was among the inserts. That's a rather savage stiff-arm.
Much like with the Lance photo, the Flash inserts contrast nicely with the rest of the set.
More shininess! In fact, this is case-hit shiny.
There's one hit per pack in this, with there being one relic and three autos. It is noticeable which pack contains which type of hit, so I knew I'd be getting at least one auto/relic as soon as I removed the packs from the box, since there were two thicker packs. As with the Namath, these were player-worn swatches as opposed to game-worn.
And the autos. Rashod Bateman was a first-rounder, going 27th overall to Baltimore. The sticker placement seems like an afterthought here. They probably could have dropped the logo at the bottom, raised the name a bit, and placed the sticker there instead of the last-second look they have here.

And the second auto is some Canadian content! The pride of Edmonton went to the Panthers in the fourth round. This means that 2 of my 3 autos in this were green parallels, although one could find 23 more of these than the Namath.

A first round draft, a Canadian and a case-hit? Even without Broadway Joe, that's a really solid box of cards.

There you have it!


  1. That Woodson is cool. I've always disliked the Cowboys... but he's one of the guys I actually liked back in the 90's.

  2. Standard Panini, but nice hits nonetheless. Thanks for showing off the cards!