Wednesday 14 July 2021

Your Face When Suzy Kolber Rejects You


Let's look on the bright side for Joe in regards to this photo appearing on a card.

There's not a lot of copies out there of this card.

The player-worn patch might distract you from it.

And if the swatch doesn't, some really nice penmanship would.
I guess there is a lot to like about the card to distract from a somewhat questionable photo choice. This is from a hobby box of the recent Panini Luminance release, which is one of my favourite releases out of football based on the designs. The parallel colour even means that the foil matches the team colours as well. With this Namath, and the Favre auto I got from Score, I'm really a magnet this year for HoF QB autos. 

I'll be covering the rest of the box next post, but if anybody wants to send me hobby boxes to bust to let my hot hand pull cards for them, send them my way!

There you have it! 


  1. Nice card, even if his receiver ran the wrong route.

    Peyton Manning auto next?

  2. Wowza. Sweet pull! Congratulations!

  3. Pretty awesome! Nice pull!