Monday 19 July 2021

Blue Jays Catch-Up

 I've been having cards from various team select group breaks show up lately, and I might as well get around to showing them off. Up first, some Jays stuff from breaks of Diamond Kings and Stadium Club.

These are decent enough representation of the early 90s design. And that super yellow background is garish enough to remind one of the 80s backgrounds.
Not exactly the most voluminous base card content. 
But at least there were a couple framed parallels to go along with them. I think the plum ones are rarer than the grey, but I'm not really going to check.

Aficianado does bring back the double images that one expected in the 80s, but they lose major points for repeating the base and Debut Diamond Kings images on Pearson's.
Here's the lowest numbered card from either break, and as close as I'd come to a hit - this /25 of Alejandro Kirk. But it isn't just any ol' parallel - this is an Artist Proof Litho Proof parallel.

Nothing numbered or a hit among the Stadium Club content, but at least I have a lot of nice base cards to show off.
The classic powder-blues making an appearance always make for an enjoyable thumb through of the team set, but it did remind me of how strange the collation was. It was a half-case, and I got 6 Springers out of it, but only one Biggio.

I also note Roberto Alomar's presence in this group. Which means this obviously went to the presses in too-late-to-replace now mode in April or earlier. This will probably be his last appearance in any sort of MLB licensed set for a long time, if ever.
I like that there was a perfect combo of 6 each in terms of horizontal/vertical cards. I like the oddness of seeing a player more-hyped for his bat getting a defensive photo on their card, something that applies to Vladdy, but also to Marcus as well. There was another collation issue among this group, with 6 Pearsons in the mix as opposed to just a single Gurriel. 

And while there was no numbered card, I did get one of those black & white parallels.

There you have it!

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  1. Hadn't seen the Semien action shot before. I wonder what the story was behind that play.