Sunday 11 July 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 28 - Sunday Surprises


Something new in repack land, as there's a new design to the Surprise Bags from Dollarama. More hockey to the new design as opposed to the more generic look of the past, but the important thing is the content. What's in this one?

Swedish UD Choice? I'm assuming these won't be common. But, as I always seem to do, I'll end with that pack, and start with the upper left.

That's a nice patriotic Sakic to count as the 1000 pt card. And I wouldn't be surprised if Kessel eventually reaches that point, as he's already at the 900 mark. 
Chicago's the Original Six team. It is a Tony Amonte  hot repack, as he appears on the two best cards here, with the expected beauty from Stadium Club, and a card from Leaf that looks like an insert but is actually a base card. 
That's pretty much the expected mix from one of those 6 card packs. Pre Darth-Gerber Gerber joins the mask binder as my highlight from this one.  But still, a nice variety of years, and only one early 90s card in the bunch. 

Yes, these Swedish cards are entirely in English. Was there buzz about the Sedins back in 1998 to justify this set, because if so, it looks like I landed one of his chase cards in this. Other than that, there's only Lundstrom, who played a handful of games for Detroit in the early 70s, that reached the NHL.
And one good repack deserves another - and with them spitting out Swedish packs, I should have bought the Dollarama out.
The 6 card pack was again surprising in not providing a bunch of early 90s stuff. Even though the one it did provide was some 1990 Bowman. 
Sweet mullet, Luc.
From two Tony Amontes in the same repack first time around, to a pair of Jonathan Quicks this time. At least I'm not doubling-up on 4th-line forwards. I know the UD base card is a mask binder dupe, but that Trilogy isn't. The Fernandez is also new, and the Moog likely is as well. 3 of 4 is pretty good for a goalie pack.
Back to Sweden for the last repacked pack. The Per Djoos is an insert that fell 1:9 packs. There's more NHL experience here, with Djoos and Dahlen being names from the junk wax era that one might recognize. Per Ledin also made his way across the Atlantic, and played 3 games for Colorado. In 2008. Ten years after this card. And there are Avs card of him from sets like MVP and Champs. So never stop chasing!

A dozen Swedish cards! Can't get more random than that! 


  1. Haven't seen those Swedish packs before - not sure if getting those in the surprise packs is a good thing or not as I don't think I'd collect them at all, but definitely interesting to see!

  2. I haven't seen those UD Choice Swedish cards but I did find a pack of 97-98 Collector's Choice Swedish hockey when I was in Canada (which was early '99). The Sedins were in that set, too.

  3. Not sure if it was that set or not, but I do remember Upper Deck having a Swedish CC set with the Sedins that was popular among collectors back then. Love that the twins played their entire career together in Vancouver. It'd be cool to stumble across a whole set of these at a card show one day.

  4. Fernandez wins the round.

    Swedish cards in English seem kind of pointless to me.