Sunday 22 November 2020

The Suzuki Turnaround

Think back a few years back to July, when I busted a box of 19-20 SP Authentic. One of the cards I landed was an Inscribed Future Watch of Nick Suzuki. The first 50 stamped of the /999 print run for some of these cards add the player's debut date to their signature. It turns out those were very much in demand, and when I put it up on COMC, I turned it into about $400.00.

Since it is always easier to spend money on cards when you use proceeds from another card, I took advantage and added a some big wants to my collection.

Such as this. A Tom Seaver autograph was on my wantlist for awhile, but I never really had the courage to put it on the not-so-realistic portion there of. This hits several of my big things I had wanted in a card, being a Mets card, being a nice, large signature that uses the provided space, and being on-card. I hate to call myself fortunate in this regards though, since it does sound ghoulish, but I got around to adding this to my card one week before Tom's death, so this was able to join my collection without having to pay that premium. 

As for my other addition, it wasn't one card, but six, with my 2/14 collection getting an interesting group of cards.

Given how long I've been looking for the 'Z' to complete the Ilya Zubov manu-nameplate, it was nice to add this grouping in one bunch. This should have theoretically been harder than the Zubov, since the print run for this was /99 with the Zubov being /399, but all of these were available. For those that care about such things, the numbering for these respectively was 2, 17, 43, 60, 66 and 94, which also means is likely that each 'T' in the grouping represents a different 'T' in the nameplate. This is really a 'suitable for framing' grouping of cards, and I'm probably going to see if I can get a display of some sorts for all 6.

There you have it!


  1. WOW! Great pickups! Love that Seaver, and it's awesome that you were able to find a nameplate of a 2/14 guy.