Monday 16 November 2020

Many a Met

 And the final team the group break wheel landed on was the Mets. And here's a bunch of 'em!

Triple Threads starts off with a pair of base cards. The complete collection of guys wearing Mets caps on their HOF plaque.

Want some more Piazza? Here's his onyx and gold parallels.

Triple Threads means relics, and here's three of 'em! All with nicely visible pinstripes.

While there are no pinstripes here, that on-card signature of Jeff McNeil makes up for that to round out the first of the breaks.

Next up, Gold Label. I was able to more than complete the regular Class 1 base set.

As well as the Class 2 version as well. Perfectly collated for the case, as I got one of each. I don't have the desire to look through the whole set, but there looks to be themes to the action photo portion of this defined by which class they're a part of. Throwing in 1, batting in 2...

And running in 3. These are the rarest of the parallels, landing every other pack, so getting 3 of the 5 seems right.

Of course, the parallels have parallels, and these are the unnumbered black parallels. I'm figuring there aren't going to be too many pitcher-at-the-plate cards next season (and onward?), so I'll enjoy them now.

But there are numbered ones as well.

The real attraction here is the gold-framed autos. These are 1 per box, and unfortunately very noticeable when you buy by-the-pack. Given that the Mets didn't have notable rookie content in 2020 releases, their entries this year are Alonso, Wright and Strawberry. From what I've seen, these are pretty SPd in comparison to the rookies, but I still got one.

And these seem to fall at a rate of 1:3,767 packs.

BOOM! 1 of 1 Darryl Strawberry autograph! With a beautiful gold tint to the background as well. If I'm going to get an autograph from a break, that might as well be the one I get. What a keeper!

Let's show the back as well. Congratulations, indeed!

There you have it! 


  1. Holy wow!! I was pretty impressed with the first bunch, but that last Strawberry, awesome!

  2. Sweet Strawberry! The McNeil isn't too shabby either. Congratulations!

  3. NICE!!! I love how the standard relics all have that pinstripe like that, they look great together. Honestly, as cool as that Strawberry is I'm drooling over the McNeil. I like him enough that I've actually picked up a couple of rookies of his myself even though I'm not a Mets collector at all. All in all, great cards there!

  4. Very nice cards. I'll need to check out my gold label cards to see if that theme is consistent across all teams.

  5. WHOA! "That's the 'breaks' kid" takes on a whole new meaning! Nice haul and one beautiful 'berry!