Tuesday 19 February 2019

Mailbag: Wes' Grand Finale - Post #1

All around the blogosphere, people are posting their recaps of the loot from Wes (jaybarkerfan) and his last hurrah of busting wax. It is time for me to do the same. The goodies were extensive in the container, so much so I imagine it will take at least 4 posts to recap everything. I need to start somewhere, so today, it is the football content.
Bills! Bills! Bills! An excuse to break out the Bruuuce label is a great way to start off a post. McCoy is still a Bill for now, but might be cut for salary cap reasons, or general scumbaggery
Here's a handful of numbered Bills cards as well. 
Here's the first football relic of the post. Zay had an interesting off-season last year, but recovered enough to lead the team in receiving TDs. 
Finally, a somewhat odd relic. As a linebacker, Preston probably didn't touch the football on the date in question (and I'm not looking up a 4.5 year old preseason game to find out), but this is still pretty cool with it being tied to a specific game. To be more accurate, this is a 2016 Panini Day - Game Dated Materials Cracked Ice card. Preston is now with the Bengals.
I'd also hooked Wes up with some CFL content. Here's some numbered cards out of 2018 Upper Deck. I busted a lot of this, and each pack contained either a numbered card (150, 50 or 15) or a hit. Buckley is the interesting one in this group, as QBs out of Canadian universities rarely make CFL teams in that position. He retired in the previous off-season to go to med school.
Speaking of hits, here's two of them from this. Both of these guys have signed with NFL teams this offseason, with Thurman going to the Bears and Spencer to the Steelers. If I didn't group all my cards from this set together in a single binder, Thurman would be an easy addition to the penmanship collection.
And we head back in time for even more CFL to end the post. Crandell had a decent CFL career, leading Calgary to the 2001 Grey Cup title and has moved on to a coaching career in both the CFL and university ranks. Calvillo is just professional football's all-time yardage leader. No big deal.

And there's one post from this. As I stated earlier, there will be at least 3 more. 


  1. Wes is the man! Those two CFL relics are awesome! There's just something I love about early 2000's Pacific jersey cards.

  2. Sick CFL cards! Feel free to join my Facebook group CFL Trading Card Collectors ;)