Tuesday 12 February 2019

2018 Chronicles 2 Box Break - Box #2

Box #2!

Pack 1:
A nice patch starts off this break. This is the Granite parallel out of cornerstones, and is /25. Since I'm building the Optic set, I might as well include the Update cards in this product like I included the Update cards in 13-14 RA in the set build of Score.

Pack 2:
I guess that Devers auto/relic is going to turn out to be the big hit in this box. I've already landed one out of Stadium Club, so this one will be off to COMC to recover a portion of the box cost.

Pack 3:
Some shininess here, with the Andujar and Bryant both being /299. There's the second auto of three in the box.

Pack 4:
Maybe it is just the holdover from when I purchased the Mets spot in a case break of this, but I really feel like a magnet for Smith and Rosario cards.

Pack 5:
One thing about the variety of sets available in this product is that you do get a lot of Ohtani cards, and they bounce between batting and pitching photos. There's the final hit of the break. Lane Adams doesn't seem to have any hits outside of Panini products, so at least I can look to that.

Pack 6:
And done. The final numbered card of the break is the Mike Trout, a Carolina Blue parallel /50.

I would have loved to have done a case worth of this, but things worked out OK in the long run with just these two boxes.

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  1. It was really night and day between 2017 and 2018 Panini Chronicles, and the abundance of top tier rookies made the latter all the more impressive.

    I too dreamt of purchasing a case of this, but I opened just 3 blaster boxes. Still did pretty well, though.