Sunday 10 February 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks - Part 6 - Another Hanger

Just another Sunday, and another 80 cards hanger pack at the Dollarama.
It is less effort to scan every card than list every card while scanning selected cards, so today is one of the lazy days. A trio of base cards from mid-level sets open this one. Contrast the rather minimalist design of the Werenski with the obnoxious mid 90's design on the Stevens.
Lundstrom was a third round pick of the Coyotes, but never played on this side of the Atlantic. Barely into double-digits and there's back-to-back dupes. That is not good. But that gets offset nicely with the Drury.
Since the Drury can also count as a baseball card.
That's Evgeny Davydov on the Central Red Army card, with a photo obviously taken at the Met Center with its memorable coloured seats. He'd play for a few seasons in the NHL with stops in Winnipeg, Florida and Ottawa.
There is this side's obligatory 1990 Bowman appearance. Paille gets a nice photo selection with the perfect use of a horizonal photo.
The 1986 Neal Broten is the oldest of the cards in the repack, which contrasts with the baseball ones that usually have at least a couple cards from the early 1980s contained within. The celebratory Patrick Sharp card with visible on the back.
Looks like they're using base cards from 2017 SPA to drive the product, as both sides had one of their cards visible on front. That Brett Hull was pretty iconic at the time for a base card. The big winner here is the Johnny Bucyk from Showcase, with him being a somewhat unexpected for an appearance of a legend in a modern base set. Mikkel's future team is looking on from the credit-card ad along the rink board.
There's another classic photo from the junk wax era with the Tom Barrasso appearance, photographed during that year's Stanley Cup finals. And the Sens finally show up!
A good repack for retired content out of Showcase, as there is a second one in the repack. There's some intense concentration going on with the Langkow photo. Plus, a couple of mask binder cards make this an interesting mix.
Bring on the 1990 Bowman from this half of the repack. That 1990 Score Paul Coffey is a contender for the Kitchener Rangers alum card I've come across most frequently in repacks.
And we're at the end.  The Generation Next is the only insert in the whole thing, with it being bound for Ann Arbor in a future mailer.

There you have it!


  1. Great recap! I miss the Dollarama from my years in Canada!

  2. 94-95 Score has to be one of the worst card designs in history.