Monday 25 February 2019

Another Series 2 Box Break

How does one come off the natural high of pulling a Gordie Howe auto? Take a day off from posting, and then post the highlights of the other box I got that day.

I finished off the base 251-450 set with this box, so here's the rest:
The clear cut parallels are 1:90 packs, so about one every 4 boxes. I definitely beat the odds here going to 2 for 2 with these.
Your contingent of Young Guns. I guess Robert Thomas is the biggest name in this group of 6 at this point.
The Portraits inserts remain as dull as always. At least my mask binder will welcome that Montembeault. His AHL time was in Springfield, so he went for a Simpsons theme with his mask. You can see Nelson Muntz on the side of his mask.
At least the Portraits section resulted in the only numbered card of the box. They're still bland.
I never knew that I needed a card featuring Brad Marchand piggybacking David Pastrnak on the Great Wall of China until I pulled this card.
I've actually done pretty well in terms of knocking off "at least I don't need to buy it" OPC cards out of  the Update portion of the set, removing both Tkachuk and Petterson with these boxes.
Your retro parallels. Finally I get some Sens content to show off!
The silver parallels are probably the least necessary portion of OPC this year, but at least this is a decent one.

And there you have it. I'll probably take a break from 4 straight hockey posts with something else tomorrow.

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