Saturday 9 February 2019

Mailbag: Ordered Mets

As I continue working my way through the mailbag, next up are some Mets cards via 3 PWE's from Tom @ The Angels in Order. Two of them arrived the same day, and the third arrived a week later. I'm not sure which postal service to blame for that. Either way, here are the highlights:
I enjoyed the Perspectives inserts that were in 2016 flagship, but had no idea that they made their 2017 appearance in Topps Bunt. So, almost 2 years later, these are my first cards from that insert set. I like the photos, but this lacked the design to make it as memorable as the 2016s.
Shininess! Only one of these guys (Wheeler) is still a Met. I'm gonna miss Wilmer Flores. I didn't even catch that Ike Davis retired this off-season until I googled it.
These aren't quite as shiny as the previous but there's still a nice gloss to these two.
The shininess might come to an end, but not the quality, with this 3 pack out of 2005 Flair.

And those are the highlights! Thanks for all these great cards, and I'm still setting aside Angels and Patriots for future mailers!

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