Tuesday 27 May 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 31.2 - Randomness!

It was a big mail day, as my second COMC challenge package, along with a trade package from TMM. But, I still have this to get to from yesterday. Let's see what came out of the random card portion of the repack.

This was the bonus item:
2000 Pacific Gold Crown Die-Cut - Mark McGwire

If it is circa 2000 Pacific, you know it is going to be hideously loud. And boy, is it ever. At least it is of a marquee player from the time. This thing is so loud, it crosses back over to being really a neat card.

And now, on to the random 50.
KMart 25th Anniversary - Star of the 70's Nolan Ryan - A nice oddball to start.
2010 Topps - 2009 ERA Leaders
1989 Glossy All-Stars Andre Dawson - Surprisingly, the only GA-S from this portion of the repack.
1991 Score Charlie O'Brien - WOO-HOO! A Met!
1991 Score Dave West
1991 Fleer Matt Nokes

1992 Stadium Club Paul Gibson - Another Met, and one whose tenure at Shea I'd completely forgotten.
1991 Score Eric Gunderson
1988 Fleer Glossy Mark Williamson - I wasn't expecting one of the Glossy parallels.
1992 Fleer Andy Mota
2008 Topps Back to School Grady Sizemore - A photo with the player signing autographs on a card with a facsimile auto. Brilliant!
2010 Topps Brandon Wood
2010 Topps Melvin Mora
2010 Topps Phillies Team
2010 Topps Skip Schumaker
2010 Topps Fernando Martinez
2010 Topps Javier Vazquez
2010 Topps Scott Downs
2010 Topps Astros Team
2010 Topps Kyle Blanks - Alternate jersey!
2010 Topps Gerald Laird
2000 Topps Prospects - Scott Downs/Chris George/Matt Belisle - It's a Scott Downs hot repack!
2010 Bowman Chrome Craig Clark - A card so bowed by Chrome technology, it stands up on its side.
1998 Leaf Denny Neagle
1997 Bowman International Jaime Bluma - USA! USA!
2008 Topps Heritage Dan Giese - I love this card. It is all about the stats on the back. Coming across cards of guys with an extensive minor league career that finally make the bigs are awesome.
1987 Donruss Manny Trillo
2009 Topps Update Ryan Franklin
1997 Sports Illustrated Emil Brown - Notwithstanding the wall of 2010 Topps, I'm loving the variety of sets represented in this repack.
1992 Stadium Club Carney LAnsford
1996 Upper Deck Rickey Henderson
1992 Upper Deck Bob Wickman
1981 Donruss Carlos Lezcano - More set variety.
2009 Prestige Kevin Smith - But this one is definitely the oddest of the odd.
1997 Upper Deck Eric Young
1992 Topps Howard Johnson
2009 Heritage Carlos Delgado - It's a dupe, but it always nice to have a Delgado in both my Mets and Delgado binder.
1991 Upper Deck Steve Wilson
1980 Topps John Lowenstein - The oldest card in the repack.
1999 Tradition Chuck Knoblauch - A great full-bleed photo.
2006 Update Andy Marte
1992 Megacards Babe Ruth #144 - Combined with #145, Bill James speculates as to how Babe Ruth would have performed had he stayed a pitcher.
1988 Score Doug Drabek
1987 Fleer Update Reid Nichols
1991 Fleer Kurt Stillwell
1989 Score Chad Kreuter
1998 Topps Mark Clark - Mesh shirts. You don't see those on cards anymore. That's a good thing.
1987 Fleer Tony Gwynn
1991 Score Hal Morris
1987 All-Star Rickey Henderson

What a great variety of sets represented here. More than 30 different sets showed up among 51 cards! That's always fun, and why I'll always enjoy grabbing a repack.

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