Sunday 2 June 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 16 - Coming Across a Gem


The Wally World had a couple new repacks show up lately - these and a similar football one. The latter advertised more packs, but I assumed they'd be Sage and similar packs with questionable licensing. So, I opted for this.

The three packs were 2023 Series 1, 2022 Prizm Draft, and 2021 Chrome NPB. 
I'll lead with the oldest product. And it isn't too bad. I get a name that's familiar to collectors on this side of the Pacific with Leonys Martin. And I get a numbered card too - an aqua /199. Perfectly fine start.
This is my first pack of Prizm Draft, and hey - a great way to introduce itself is to provide an auto. This is the second time I've pulled an Edwin Nunez auto from a pack I picked up at in a Walmart repack. I found a home for the first one, but maybe landing a second is a sign that I should keep this one. Also, these may have been the most bowed cards I've pulled straight from a pack since early 2010s Topps Chrome. And not even straight across the middle - these were bowed on a diagonal from corner to corner. 
Series 1 has been shown off so often from last year across blogs that I don't really need to go beyond "I liked the photo on this base card" for these. And here are the ones that at least interested me. 
The pack was of the retail variety, so that means Stars of MLB were in there. Both Chrome and regular. It still sounds so generic.
Shininess! Not just for the Prizm and Chrome packs!
This pack had a lot of inserts/parallels, and the final card hits both. It comes from the All Aces insert set, and Castillo lucked out by having the most appropriate of the 4 suits as his background. These /299 are black parallels, and pretty tough pulls in the retail environment.
1 in 5,552! That is assuming I read this correctly. 

And I haven't even shown off the graded card.
Actually a relevant player! Even if not so much so this season. I watched some youtube breaks and saw several appearances of TJ Freidl, Otto Lopez and Luke Williams. Even if it isn't a PC card, it is nice to get a card and remember the player for something other than just having a card or two of them.

There you have it!

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  1. I'd buy a few of these... just for the opportunity to open up more of those NPB Chrome packs. Congratulations on pulling that Strider! Cool card.