Saturday 8 June 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 17 - Surprising


Time to return to my "repacks to be posted" collection, which is getting pretty tiny at this point. Time to restock!

And here's the content. All repacks in the repack.
90s pack was pretty much what I expected. So, I look for interesting stuff, like three 1989 UD Dodgers cards in a row. Or a typically busy 90s entry from Select. Or a stand-alone set making an appearance with Davis. Find interesting items anywhere you can!
The 300hr pack takes me out of the junk wax era. It's Palmeiro that is 300HR guy on the dual card. Will Clark fell just short, with 284. Any Joe Carter appearance is welcome, even if this isn't a Blue Jays card.
12 cards? It is a happy lie as there were actually 14. It being all over the place is the greatness of repacks. There's a Pico de Gallo variation, of which if I wanted this card over on COMC, found that this is much cheaper than the regular base card. Tekulve brings some O-Pee-Chee love into this. As expected when Stadium Club is included, it is going to provide the best photo of the bunch. And there is a hint of a 'V' on the nameplate, so you aren't just taking their word that he's the catcher in the photo. Wrigley ivy is a nice way to end this repacked pack.
For most of you, the Rivera will be the best card in the pack. If not, then it would likely be the Chan Ho Park insert. I'm picking the Petry though? Why a junk wax entry?
O-Pee-Chee appearance #2! And unlike the Tekulve, you need to flip the card to discover the Frenchness contained within. 
Finally, the Superstar pack. Burnes might be the least Superstar-ish among this group, but given he's got a Cy Young to his name, and given that all awards to their name, I'd say everybody here qualifies for the advertising.

There you have it!