Tuesday 21 May 2024


 My most recent COMC shipment saw me go over the 4K mark in terms of cards in the 2/14 collection. Let's see all of 'em in there, starting with the new faces! 

I'm starting off with some new faces - and my second actor from the Walking Dead franchise. Tobin might not be Michonne in terms of character memorability from the show, but with Jason Douglas being a 2/14 baby, he can join Danai Gurira in the collection representing the show.
Politicians are always welcome in the collection with at least one card - their views notwithstanding. I don't have a high bar set for what it takes to make it in. Have a card. Be born on 2/14. Don't be on a sex offender registry. Simple! 
My first lacrosse card! 
This isn't his first card in my collection of Jeremy Ebobisse, but it is his 2/14 debut. His birthdate on his previous card was listed on the back as 2/13. But I am going to keep the error card in my collection as well. My binders. My rules.
As long as Zach Galligan appears in the photo used, those Gremlins cards count for the collection.
Only one football entry, but it does expand my JSN collection by one. It doesn't look like the 2024 draft class had any 2/14 babies in it, so it looks like I'll be reaching back a season to hunt for rookie 2/14 guys. 
Hockey starts with  the best type of Josh Pillar card - one without his horribly illegible signature attached to it in any form.
Synergy included Nikolaj Ehlers base cards in the set for the first time in the most recent release, meaning I could find a couple cards cheaply on e-pack. 
If I was going by my spreadsheet, this was the 4000th 2/14 card I've collected. It was 100 percent a coincidence that this ended up as a Sens card. This was part of a rookie redemption program in the 2015 MVP set. I'm likely the only person for whom Matt O'Connor was the most desired card in the set, in a group that included Eichel, McDavid, Panarin, Larkin and Rantanen.
One Sens card deserves another! Time to start the climb to 5000!
Scott Scudder was the only other person to double up in this milestone post. Of course Tiffany cards count as separate entries in the collection. The same for buybacks. 
Minor league fun!
Shininess! This was one of the bonus silver pack cards found in hobby boxes, which used a different photo than the ones found in regular packs. Using an alternate City Connect will generally make one card better than the other. In this case, it was also cheaper than the regular insert. 
2023 Bowman's Best contained a tribute to the photography of 1992 Bowman done by Randy Johnson. Nice, and the statue is definitely a choice, but I really wanted to see clothing that would be a regrettable fashion choice within months of the photo being taken. 
And the only hit of the bunch! It might only be one colour, but this could be the most significant jersey swatch size-wise in the collection. Even if it isn't, it is a nice item to show off on a milestone post.

Off to 5000!

There we have it!

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  1. A. Haven't really followed Earthquakes soccer since the pandemic... but Ebobisse is one of the guys I'm familiar with.

    B. Don't remember seeing any other movies of Zach Galligan after Gremlins... but that's a really cool card (mainly b/c of Phoebe).