Tuesday 7 May 2024

Expo Post 6: Masks

 Just a bunch of mask binder cards today.

With their O-Pee-Chee retro parallel posts this year, they zoomed in on the player, which made for some interesting photos. I might have been more interested in the alternate jersey in the photo, but this is still interesting for the mask.
But if I wanted some close-ups, there were a lot of them in last year's extended set. I added a couple from the most recent Series 2 so I could fill up the scanner bed with flagship designs.
With the combination of a rookie and legend, this makes for the last of the Pageantry cards I picked up for myself at the Expo.
Garth Snow nicely combines his Snowman name with some team history here.
The Franchises set provides a couple vintage paint jobs. I'll be polite and say that Chico Resch's entry has aged a lot better than Palmateer's. I'll just hope he was a huge fan of those Duke boys.
Finally, a bunch of people I only have vague memories of. I remember Sigalet for his collapsing on the ice during a game. Norm Maracle is the only player I remembered from hearing his name during broadcasts, and I only remember Tokarski for having a wonderfully nerdy Tick mask. SPOON! Wilkinson and Askey - nothing. Except they do have nice masks for the binder.

There you have it!

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