Wednesday 29 May 2024

Three-Down Megapost

 More goodies from my COMC to-be-posted box, and a pile of goodies from the CFL portion of the box.

I'm going chronologically through these. There's nothing older than this 2018 entry for this post. While I'd rather have a little more team colour in these swatches, it's still a nice little addition to the Ti-Cats PC. Simoni retired earlier this year, but he's certainly going to be returning to the city when it is time for his bust to join the Hall of Fame in a few years.

One and done from the lost season of 2020 as well. I'm not too sure as to why, but it might be this season that I have the most cards from. 
Here's Simoni again!
2022 was a crap design for hockey, but even worse for football, since they re-used the same boring image 3 times on the card. 
And even worst, the cardboard debut for University of Waterloo gets hosed up by putting the wrong team logo on the card and, even worse, the wrong player's image on the card. That's actually an image of the far paler Matthew Arbuckle on the card. At least the green swatch would indicate that this was an Edmonton Elks jersey used. He didn't appear on any set in 2023, so I'm hoping he finally gets a correct card in 2024.
Finally, the most recent release. Lots of gold here, even though an e-pack combinable blue parallel snuck in here.
Here's a numbered parallel to celebrate Bo Levi's switch over to Hamilton. The red signifies the parallel, not an error that they failed to completely scrub his Stampeders legacy. With these releases, it's a guess as to which reason.
And for the first time since 2017, there were inserts in the set that weren't also hits. It is a shame that was such a bland and generic one such as 'Greatness', but at least it wasn't an attempt at bringing 'Portraits' over from hockey.

There you have it!

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